RFS470 Amnesia Moon
RFS470 Amnesia Moon
RFS470 Amnesia Moon
RFS470 Amnesia Moon
RFS470 Amnesia Moon
RFS470 Amnesia Moon
RFS470 Amnesia Moon
RFS470 Amnesia Moon
RFS470 Amnesia Moon
RFS470 Amnesia Moon

RFS470 Amnesia Moon

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Get creative and explore our super hot Holo Dip Collection: 12 two-in-one dip powders colors specially developed to give you a shimmer when dipped and a stunning holographic effect when buffed onto our Gel Polish Top Coat using a Streak-Free Applicator.


  • 12 two-in-one dip powders vibrant colors.
  • 2 different nail looks in one powder: stunning glitter and holographic effect
  • Easy & quick application 
  • Burnish easily on our non wipe top coat
  • Highly pigmented and smooth
  • Bold and vibrant effect



  1. Clean the nail plate.
  2. Apply a layer of Glam Powder Base Coat and dip the nail into Rossi Holo Glam Powder.
  3. Apply a second layer of Glam Powder Base Coat and once again dip into you powder.
  4. Repeat the steps until you get the desired depth of color.
  5. Apply a layer of Activator and allow it to dry. Shape and buff nails with a file or drill.
  6. Apply a layer of Gel Polish Top Coat and cure under UV or LED light for 20 seconds (This time is tested in our Rossi UV Lamp. If you have another lamp you should adjust and test the timing for best results.)
  7. Dip into your holo powder and use an applicator to rub the powder into the nail.
  8. Place nails back under UV lamp for 20 seconds to finish curing.
  9. Apply a final coat of Gel Polish Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds. It’s necessary to wrap the free edge with top coat to prevent chipping.

Keep in mind

For glitter effect - regular dipping steps.

For holo effect - the powders can be buffed on top of Rossi Gel Polish Top Coat and any Dip powder/Gel polish color. Black background color gives the strongest effect.

      1 x Holo Dip Powder 0.5 oz - RFS470 Amnesia Moon

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews

      I love this one so much! It was my first time trying to do dip and it went so smooth!

      Bessie Gaylord
      Oh yes! You need this!

      Are you kidding me? Best powder yet! Love it! Works great. Packaged really well and is wayyyybetter than I expected! Yes! Get it!

      Amina D'Amore
      So, so cute!

      I can not get over how easy this was to apply! It's so light and shimmery! It's exactly what I wanted and I can't wait to try it over other colors

      Lucy Langosh
      Finally! Holo dip from Rossi

      Soooo easy to use! Once you get your curing time down, the possibilities are endless!

      Sabina Veum
      The best color.

      This is absolutely fantastic! Got it Saturday and used it on Sunday and it is gorgeous. Little goes a long way. Still need to work on the Ombre affect but this is a very pretty pigment.