Paper Nail Forms (100 pcs)
Paper Nail Forms (100 pcs)
Paper Nail Forms (100 pcs)
Paper Nail Forms (100 pcs)
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Paper Nail Forms (100 pcs)

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This is a must-have manicure essential! Pair it with our Rossi Easy Peasy Builder Gel and obtain flawless extensions in no time!


  • Used for nail extensions with Easy Peasy Builder Gel and Rossi Nail Gel
  • Ensure a perfect fit for flawless application on nail beds of all sizes.
  • Easy to use and peel off.
  • Thick and flexible material.
  • 100pcs / set.


  • Follow the same prep steps as for the Rossi Easy Peasy Builder Gel Application.
  • Apply Rossi paper nail form.
  • Apply a thin layer of Easy Peasy Builder Gel on a nail form and cure for 60 seconds.
  • Apply a second slightly thicker layer of Rossi Easy Peasy Builder Gel on the nail and cure for 60 seconds.
  • Remove the form and wipe off the sticky layer with lint-free nail pad soaked in alcohol.
  • Shape the extended shape with a 100-180 nail file.
  • Smooth the surface with a 100-180 buffer.
  • Apply Gel polish Top Coat, Gel Polish color or follow with Glam Powder application.