Things Your Manicurist Secretly Wants To Tell You

Have you ever wondered what your manicurist could be thinking about you as she works on your nails?

Well, we’ve asked a few of them, and although some had more unsavory remarks about their clients than others, the majority of them pretty much focused on the state of their client’s hands and nails.

Here’s some of the stuff they spilled.

  1. “Don’t cut your nails before a manicure.” Of course, it’s okay to clip your own nails yourself. But most manicurists would rather do the trimming themselves if you’re going to come in for a manicure anyway. This is because the nails usually end up uneven or too short. It can also lead to pain and infection if not done properly. Cutting and trimming is part of a manicurist’s job so let them do it.

  2. “Please don’t pick that color.” With the many choices of colors and designs out there, it could be overwhelming to just choose one. However, do bear in mind that there are some colors and trendy patterns that may make your hands look older.  Or the color you chose may not suit your skin tone. Or it may not be right for the occasion. Ask your manicurist for advice, consider it carefully, then decide.

  3. “When was the last time you washed your hands or cleaned your nails?” Who knows what was the last thing you touched before coming over, and we don’t really want to know. If your hands are sweaty or they smell like garlic, do wash them first. And don’t forget to clean under your nails too because so much stuff can accumulate there. Sure, your manicurist could get all that gunk out but she’s prolly expecting a bigger tip.       
  4. “Relax!” Most women have a manicure to get pampered and to relax and unwind. But when clients have stiff hands then it makes the job hard to do. To get a perfect manicure, all areas and angles of the nail should be attended to thoroughly. But if your hands are stiff and rigid, it’ll be difficult to do that. The feeling is like there is some sort of resistance to the procedure (even if there is none) so it becomes a struggle rather than a soothing, calming experience.

  5. “Nail art takes time.” When a client wants nail art done, the first thing she should do is come to the salon with an idea or a photo of what she wants. This saves time. Also, if you want Pinterest pretty nails, the entire procedure probably uses special tools, techniques, and products, so be prepared. It will take longer so please stop fidgeting. And be flexible with your choice because sometimes the condition of the nail limits what can be done. 

Now,  if you don’t want to be talked about or judged by nail technicians, (because they’re only human), why not do your own manicure? 

All it takes is the right tools and products like these,  and a little patience to make your nails look like they were done professionally.