This program is designed for customer loyalty. It brings you discounts based on activities you do on our website.


Join the ROSSI Rewards Program and start earning rewards!


Earn ROSSI Points by completing activities or by making orders.


Transform your ROSSI Points into cool rewards!


Sign up to receive 50 ROSSI Points.

Follow and share Rossi on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram - 50 ROSSI Points per channel.

Add a review with a photo to a product and you will receive 25 ROSSI Points.

You get a BONUS of 50 ROSSI Points on your birthday.

Place an order. You'll receive 1 ROSSI Point for every $1 spent.

The points are cumulative. For example, after the first 4 activities above, you will have a total of 275 ROSSI Points.

REDEEM your points for Discounts!

To redeem the points and claim a discount, you have to add the code from the website or email in the checkout section “Gift card or discount code”. The discount can represent a maximum 50% off the order.



100 ROSSI points

$5 OFF

200 ROSSI points

$10 OFF

400 ROSSI points

$20 OFF

600 ROSSI points

$30 OFF

1000 ROSSI points

$50 OFF


Refer ROSSI Nails to a friend, you get $20 OFF coupon when they make a purchase. After they place an order, they get $20 OFF coupon. No minimum order amount required for first time shoppers.


Once you sign-up you will qualify for our unique ROSSI VIP program. The higher the status , the higher the number of perks and exclusive rewards.


Sign up

  • Exclusive offers and campaigns

  • Earn points for cash coupons

$1 spent = 1 ROSSI Point

ROSSI Expert

Spend $70

  • Insider email list

  • Exclusive offers and campaigns

  • Earn points for cash coupons

$1 spent = 1 ROSSI Point

ROSSI Addict

Spend $200

  • Insider email list

  • Exclusive offers and campaigns

  • Earn points twice as fast

  • VIP giveaways & discounts

$1 spent = 2 ROSSI Points

Reward terms

  • The ROSSI Rewards program is ran at the discretion of ROSSI Nails and can be changed at anytime.

  • In order to earn the points from Rossi Reward Program, you have to make an account and sign in.

  • Limit to one account per household - please do not make multiple accounts.

  • We suggest using the same email for reward points and order.

  • ROSSI Rewards may be redeemed to cover up to 50% of the cost of an order.

  • The points may not be combined with any other coupons, discounts, offers or promotions.

  • Points are earned based on the total purchase amount after discounts and gift cards are applied, and before tax and shipping are applied.

  • Partial points at decimal level will be rounded down.

  • Points are not earned on returned products.

  • Point multiplier promotions will not apply to orders with partial returns.

  • Referral discounts must be used on the first purchase of a new customer.