Glam Powder Trial Kit (Honeymoon)

Rossi Glam Powder Kit - 4 powders

Rossi Glam Powder Pro Kit

Rossi Glam Powder Kit - 6 powders

Rossi Glam Powder Kit - 6 powders

ROSSI Nails Essentials Kit 


STEP 1: Apply a thin coat of ROSSI Base Coat a hairline away from the cuticle on all nails.
STEP 2: Quickly dip into Glam Powder at a 45 degree angle.
STEP 3: Remove excess powder using kabuki brush. Repeat steps 1 & 2 on all nails until you get desired depth of color.
STEP 4: Liberally apply ROSSI Activator to all fingers and let it air dry (approx. 1 minute).
STEP 5: File, shape & buff to smooth the nail surface. Wash hands and nails or use a lint free cloth to wipe the nail surface with alcohol. Then apply another coat of Activator and allow them to dry.
Final STEP: Apply Top Coat with quick, thin strokes. Allow it to dry for 2 minutes. Once dry, repeat this process for a second time to achieve a glossy shine.


STEP 1: Use a hand nail file to remove the shiny top layer of the nail;
STEP 2: Saturate your fingernails with acetone with the use of cotton balls. After you’ve wrapped the cotton around your fingertips, wrap your fingers with aluminum foil.
STEP 3: Let your nails soak in acetone for 10 to 15 minutes.
STEP 4: Remove the foil and then the cotton balls. Get a dry piece of cotton and wipe-off the polish gently in a horizontal motion.
STEP 5: Apply a liberal amount of cuticle oil along your cuticles extending to your nails. Massage into these areas and…that’s it! You’re done!

Top reviews from the United States

I love this system! Dip powder systems in general can be tricky to get used to but once you get the hang of it, it’s very nice!

The base (2) works very well as long as you apply to one nail and dip immediately before moving on to the next nail. Clean up any edges and cuticle lines before the next step. The activator (3) takes only a couple minutes to harden then you’re ready to buff the nails into shape. The top coat (4) works best if you do one nail at a time, giving just a thin, quick coat then wiping the brush on a paper towel before returning the bottle and moving on to the next nail. This prevents the brush from Getty gunky. A second, more thorough coat will give a beautiful glossy look to your nails.

The picture is a manicure I did awhile back and it lasted two weeks before I was tired of the colors and needed a change :)

These are my wives words since I bought it for her
“Exactly what I expected!
Easy to use!
Took 10 min!
Dries really quickly! I will never go to a salon again!”

Purchased this set after I started running low from the dip set I purchased when I decided to start doing my own nails pre-quarantine and I can’t say that regret buying this. Honestly, it does the job. Obviously I’m not a professional but if it works, it works!

Rossi is one of my favorite brands of dip. The liquids and powder are both very thin so they go on super smooth and hardly require any buffing. The colors in this kit are such bright colors, they are perfect for spring/summer. And you really can’t beat the price for four colors and all of the liquids you need! I haven’t used the brush saver yet but I’m sure it will come in handy when needed. These manicures can easily last 3 weeks...but I’m always itching to change them up after just one!

This was the easiest nail product I’ve used! I own a UV light and would do gel nails all the time but I can’t see myself doing that anymore. Doing both hands took about an hour and it was my very first time trying dip powder. I think they turned out great!

This is the second brand of nail dip glue and the third brand of powder I’ve tried, and it made me an instant fan. It was easy to apply and use, each color comes in a large container which will no doubt last me years, and it applied in a very smooth, even manner that required little buffing and filing compared to other powders I’ve used. Usually my nails will chip with other dips within a week - by the two week mark my nails are almost completely bare. I am now at approximately 10 days and barely have any chips - and I think that’s just because I’ve been doing a lot of hard work with tools and other things that are super rough on your hands. I actually went on their website and went ahead to order more colors because this is working so well for me!