Meet the Holo Collection ūüĒ•

The highest requested HOLO launch is finally here! Get ready to make your nails a dream come true. 


2-IN-1 bold and vibrant colors


11 highly pigmented gels

Trusted reviews from 300.000+ Customers



2 in 1 Dip Powder - Glitter & Holo finish.

New & Improved Formula! Full coverage in just 2 coats. 

Hand, Photograph, Blue, White, Light, Product, Green, Nail, Finger, Thumb
RFS438 Cosmic Tease - ROSSI Nails
9 reviews
RFS478 Star Breaker - ROSSI Nails
13 reviews
RFS500 Holo Digger - ROSSI Nails
7 reviews
RFS434 Sweet Insomnia - ROSSI Nails
1 review
RFS503 Astrobabe - ROSSI Nails
RFS470 Amnesia Moon - ROSSI Nails
9 reviews
RFS458 Sky Glam - ROSSI Nails
8 reviews
RFS498 Rebel Mermaid - ROSSI Nails
10 reviews
RFS477 Space Charmer - ROSSI Nails
10 reviews
RFS473 Naughty Hero - ROSSI Nails
12 reviews
ROSSI Nails Glam Powder 001 Honeymoon
139 reviews
001 White Dreams - ROSSI Nails
8 reviews


Human body, Cosmetics, Gesture, Nail care, Nail polish, Manicure, Thumb, Nail, Tints and shades, Service

Clean the nail plate - push backcuticles, shape, buff and dehydrate with alcohol.

Human body, Body jewelry, Gesture, Finger, Nail, Thumb, Jewellery, Font, Service, Magenta

Apply a layer of Glam Powder Base Coat and dip the nail into Rossi Holo Glam Powder. Repeat this step until you get the desired depth of color.

Body jewelry, Nail polish, Finger, Nail, Thumb, Glitter, Nail care, Jewellery, Service, Metal

Apply a layer of Activator and allow it to dry, then shape and buff nails with a file or drill. 

Nail polish, Cosmetics, Finger, Nail care, Body jewelry, Thumb, Violet, Nail, Service, Artificial nails

Apply a layer of Gel Polish Top Coat and cure under UV or LED light for 20 seconds.

Body jewelry, Gesture, Finger, Thumb, Nail, Violet, Jewellery, Wrist, Electric blue, Magenta

Dip into your holo powder and use an applicator to rub the powder into the nail. Cure for 20 seconds.

Liquid, Nail polish, Cosmetics, Purple, Finger, Violet, Material property, Body jewelry, Nail, Glitter

Apply a final coat of Gel Polish Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds.


Shift your nail game into gear with these 11 holo gel polishes that will leave people asking ‚ÄúWHAT COLOR IS IT?‚ÄĚ

Skin, Hand, Liquid, Nail polish, Photograph, Green, Vertebrate, White, Blue, Light
09 How High? - ROSSI Nails
9 reviews
03 Exposed Sky - ROSSI Nails
9 reviews
05 Aqua Glam - ROSSI Nails
11 reviews
17 Neptune - ROSSI Nails
10 reviews


Nail polish, Liquid, Cosmetics, Nail care, Manicure, Nail, Thumb, Artificial nails, Tints and shades, Gloss

1. Prep the nails, apply Base Coat and cure for 60 seconds.

Nail polish, Purple, Liquid, Finger, Violet, Manicure, Nail, Nail care, Material property, Artificial nails

2. Apply a layer of Holo gel Polish and cure 60 seconds. Repeat until you get desired depth of color.

3. Apply Top Coat and cure for another 60 seconds.

essentials YOU'LL NEED

Streak-Free Applicators - ROSSI Nails
3 reviews
Rossi‚ĄĘ Magic Peel Base - ROSSI Nails
49 reviews
Nourish Cuticle Oil - ROSSI Nails
133 reviews
Rossi UV Led Nail Lamp - ROSSI Nails
46 reviews
Top Coat - ROSSI Nails
24 reviews
Essentials Starter Kit - ROSSI Nails
178 reviews
Nourish Cuticle Oil - ROSSI Nails
133 reviews




No Harmful Chemicals

Fun & Easy to use

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Best customer care & community

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Reflex camera, Digital camera, Point-and-shoot camera

"In love with the colors!"

"One of the best things that happened to me. I was quarantined at home and was scrolling for new nail products to try. What caught my attention first was the price and the products included in this bundle. I thought I should give it a try, and I am glad I did! I am in love! Will never go back to my old brand. I am a happy and satisfied customer!"


5.0 /5.0


Reflex camera, Digital camera, Point-and-shoot camera

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5.0 /5.0


Reflex camera, Digital camera, Point-and-shoot camera

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5.0 /5.0


Reflex camera, Digital camera, Point-and-shoot camera

"Mother and daughter must-have!"

"The best buy ever! You have everything in this kit and the price is unbelievably buyer friendly. The best part is that I did a birthday dip powder mani for my mother, and she's ecstatic! Great quality and great bonding time for us. Highly recommended!"

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