What Your Favorite Nail Shape Says About Your Personality


(Tutorial on How to Shape Your Nails)

Are you fun, simple, bold, wild, or adventurous? Believe it or not, your choice of nail shape can tell a lot about your personality. Let's see what your favorite shape says so!  

1. Round

Simple, classy and natural. You are very feminine and you like to look neat all the time. You are also an organized and detail-oriented person.

(Colors: Squad Goals & Rusty)

2. Ballerina

Bold, adventurous and trendsetter. You are a natural born trendsetter, the spotlight is always on you every time you enter a room. You are sporty and likes to be outdoor.

 (Colors: Firework & Mad About You)

3. Square

Independent, mysterious, confident. You are confident yet mysterious. You like to keep your agendas yourself, you are an introvert yet still know how to fit the crowd.

(Color: Fashionista)

4. Almond

Sweet, uplifting and charming. You are naturally charming and everyone wants to be your friend. Your presence always uplifts the mood, and you are also a good listener.

(Color: Snow White)

5. Coffin

Powerful, creative, extrovert. You are intimidating to many because you’re not afraid to  voice out your opinion and ideas. Despite of this, you are kind-hearted and concerned with everyone around. A “girl boss” is the perfect term to describe you.

 (Color: Besties)



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