Why do people hate Valentine's Day

     Valentine’s Day again- Yuck! This is a common reaction among the single people- you would think. Recent social surveys show that people in long term relationships, even married couples tend to pay less attention or even despise this holiday.

     The reason they invoke is usually the general belief that Valentine’s Day is an invented holiday designed to bring extra income to the florists and to the heart shaped candy manufacturers . 

      Another common reason is the fact that solid and committed couples celebrate their love daily, they don’t need a special holiday to do that. Single people hate this day because they don’t feel complete unless they have a significant other—to despise this holiday together, as a couple. 

      Truth is, most of us are not aware of the symbolism and the truth behind this special day. Legend has is that Valentine was a priest who lived in the third century. He is well known for not respecting the Roman Emperor’s order of not allowing roman soldiers to get married. He secretly performed Christian weddings until he got caught and jailed. There, it is said, he cured the jailor’s daughter blindness and left her a note before being executed signed “ From your Valentine”. 

      Because of this legend, St. Valentine became known as the patron saint of love. The Saint Valentine prayer asks Saint Valentine to connect lovers together, so that two become one.     

      Living in the era of fast-love-easy-come easy-go, accessing numerous dating apps and developing absurd expectations, we have forgotten the simple truth. This holiday is about putting others above yourself, it's about about sacrifice, self confidence and love. Valentine sacrificed his life to unite young people who were in love. He didn’t care that he was jailed, he performed a miracle for the jailor’s daughter and went on to die with his heart full of love.  

      Valentine’s day is not about buying roses, nor chocolates although that does sound nice, but it is about remembering that we are lucky, we are free to love whomever our heart desires. We shouldn’t take this for granted.  On this day, starting this year, I challenge you to celebrate the love you have for yourself first of all, and then, maybe, you will find your own miracle to perform, for someone else. Maybe a friend, maybe your grandma, your neighbour or your better half. 

     Be someone’s miracle. Be the love you want to receive. 
 Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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