The little things that bring us joy

   Looking back on last year’s Thanksgiving I realize two important things, firstly, we were pandemic free, unaware of what was about to happen only a few months later and, secondly, I wasn’t nearly as excited as I am this year, although, it does sound a bit ironic.
 After giving it some thought, it came to me that this global pandemic transformed all of us in ways that we have yet to understand. 

  What I know for sure is that I am looking forward to going in the kitchen, the place where all the magic happens on Thanksgiving, and prepare the most delicious meal for my family. I can already see my naughty children bugging me with homework questions, and seeing my husband’s cringing face being sentenced to help me by washing all the dishes that keep piling up. 

  My special holiday ritual includes a nice relaxing bath followed by a light make-up session and dressing up for the occasion with my favorite themed sweater. This year I am adding a new activity that in the past year has become one of my favorite creative habits, my brand new ROSSI Nails manicure

  I have to admit I was scared to try doing my nails professionally at home in the beginning as I am very clumsy, but I found that using dip powders is not only fun but also very easy and, in time, I became, what other ROSSI babes refer to as a “an expert”. 

   So, in these interesting times we are living, when history is being written every day, we must be grateful for everything we have, and truly appreciate the little things that bring us joy for one day, we will look back and realize they were big things. 
  When you are thankful for what you have you will be surprised to learn you have much more than you thought. 

  Wishing you a magical time on Thanksgiving

With love,  
A ROSSI babe



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