Hello, ROSSI babes,
Summer is here and we are dreaming about sipping a refreshing margarita on the beach, closing our eyes and listening to the relaxing sound of the waves rolling upon the shore…
We have invited you to join us in daydreaming about the perfect holiday destination and sharing the story of your ideal vacation . The story you loved the most was  Vanessa Brooks-Aubin's . We adored not only the beautiful story of the getting Paris closer to her by doing a beautiful French mani but also the innovative part of hiding the minor imperfections by using decals. 

 Here is Vanessa's original post:

  I've been dreaming of Paris for a while so French mani it is. We were supposed to get married in fall this year but with the situation here we decided to postpone to next year. So instead of going to our actual honeymoon, I put it on my nails- Snow White and Honeymoon with water decal to hide the imperfections
EDIT: this was my first attempt at a French manicure, how do work an Apex while doing it? The more I look at my nails the more I see the flatness and it’s starting to bug me

 We hope you will have an amazing summer , babes! You all deserve it! 
Sending you our love,
Your ROSSI family

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