Nail Dipping Powder Kits: Which Is The Best For You?


Probably the easiest way to get into a dip nail manicure at home is by getting a nail dipping powder kit. Nail dipping kits offer just about everything you need to get started on your nail dip mani adventure. In fact, Rossi Nails offer a number of dip nail kits to match any of your fashion needs. The question now is: which kit is best for you? The best way to answer that is to look at three kits, and what these have to offer.

Glam Powder Trial Kit: A Great Start.

First on our list is the Glam Powder Trial Kit. The beauty of this kit is it’s probably the best kit to get you into dip nails at home. This kit comes with everything you need to get started including a trio of nail essentials, and one powder color of your choice. What’s more, the nail essentials have applicators, so you don’t have to worry about getting a separate applicator brush.

Rossi Nails Glam Powder Trial Kit

The Glam Powder Trial Kit with One Color.

This configuration makes for a practical solution to your home dip mani aspirations. As for the powder color, you have a choice between Honeymoon (a really yummy peach shade), Pink Mood, Sweetheart (which are dark and light shades of pink, respectively), and Snow White. These colors fall on the “all-purpose” side of the color spectrum, meaning these can be used to complement just about any outfit in your closet.

Maybe the biggest downside to this trial kit is you only have just one powder color. If you want a bit more choices, there’s a version of this kit with all four powders. Or you could get another powder separately. Either way, if you’re looking for value, this trial kit is the way to go.

Best of Fall Powder Kit: Celebrating The Season.

If you’re already in the dip nail game, how about a kit that celebrates the colors of fall? The Best of Fall Powder Kit is designed with the season in mind. This kit features three fall-inspired powder colors that are great for when you hit the clubs with your friends.

Rossi Nails Best of Fall Kit

Celebrate Fall with the Best of Fall Powder Kit.

The included colors are Celebration, Falling For You, and Passion. More specifically, Passion is a plum color, with hints of red. Falling For You on the other hand, is a deep shade of green that makes you think of leaves on a tree.

The last color of this kit is Celebration. Celebration is essentially a golden glitter powder. What’s unique about this particular color is it can work on its own, or be used as a final layer on top of either of the two colors. This opens up your dip powder nail design to a lot of possibilities. This is also why this powder kit is great for those who have a bit more experience with the nail dipping at home.

As for options, you could get this kit with or without the nail essentials. The former option makes this kit ideal if you already have a trial kit, and you want to build-up your powder collection.

Let it Glow Powder Kit: Sultry and Glowing.

Last on our list is the Let it Glow Powder Kit. This kit was put together with. This kit comes with three powder colors as well as with the trio of nail essentials making this the more premium option. That being said, this kit provides your nails with a really sophisticated look. Think an intimate dinner, or a night out at an upscale club.

Rossi Nails Let It Glow Kit

Classy and sophisticated Let it Glow Powder Kit.

As for the included colors, you have Fireplace, Stunned, and – just like the Best of Fall kit – Celebration. Breaking down the individual colors, Fireplace can best be described as a caramel or café au lait color. Stunned, on the other hand is a deep violet that almost comes across as black. As previously mentioned, Celebration color can be used on its own, or as a top glitter layer, for an even more elegant look.

What to Choose?

These three kits are a great representation of what Rossi Nails has to offer. Now, what kit to choose depends upon your needs. That being said, the Glam Powder Trial Kit is a great place from which to build your collection, and is the best first choice. The Best of Fall Powder Kit without the nail essentials is your best bet for the next step in your home dip nail mani adventure. Finally, the Let it Glow Powder Kit is a great addition to your collection especially with its more sophisticated powder selection.


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