Inspo for International Women’s Month Nail Art

Author: T. Marsh 

There are lots of ways to celebrate the power of Her, your own amazing femininity, all the other boss babes in your life - but your nails are a great place to start. Enter: International Women’s Month nail art.

Favorite Women’s Month Nail Art Ideas

We’ve selected a few of our fav Women’s Month nail art ideas to help inspire your own creations. From a sweet, subtle nod to the ladies to a bold statement in support of women, there’s a little something on this list for every aesthetic.


Stand Out in Red

Ever heard of the red tent? Take control over the color and own your femininity (periods and all) by painting your nails a vibrant red. Go for an even stronger feminist nail art design by painting the word “woman” across your tips, one letter on each nail.

Say it With Stickers

Nail stickers aren’t just fun - they can also make a serious statement. Write a feminist message across your nails with stickers like “Boss Babe” or “Girl Power”. Use a clear or nude base to make the letters really pop.

Girl boss nail art

Negative Space, Positive Message

Create negative space on your nails using complementing colors, like a magenta and a baby pink or a sapphire blue and a light teal. Then, in that negative space, write some positive, female-inspired messages like “Power”, “Feminist”, or “Boss.”

Take the Hint

If you want a more subtle nail art look for International Women’s Month, try topping a light pink or nude base tone across all your nails, then add a black etched Venus sign on one or two.

The Future IS Female

You can be both feminine and strong, girly and powerful - so why can’t your nails? This feminism nail art idea is all about balance. Use fun, flirty, and fresh colors as a background, then draw flowers, suns, or other “girly” things on top. Finish off the look with a clear message across the nails: “The Future is Female”.

Celebrating the Female Form

Why should women be ashamed of their beautiful, strong bodies? They shouldn’t! Celebrate the female form by painting a simple body outline, some breasts, or even a woman’s hand on your nails. Make the drawings stand out even more by using a peach, white, or clear base color.

Be Girly

Women can be whatever they want, so don’t be ashamed to love pink, glitter, unicorns, hearts, or other “girly” things. Show them off on your nails! Go nuts with bright, feminine colors, sparkles, stickers, or whatever else makes you happy.

International Women's Month Nail Art with Rossi Nails

Did we mention that our Spring Collection has shades perfect for these Women’s Month nail art looks? It’s true! 

The Time to Bloom collection features colors that will help you celebrate women not just on International Women’s Month, but every single month of the year. Because women are worth it. 

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