How to Use Clear Dip Powder

Clear dip powder is a must-have in your nail collection. It’s used encapsulating your color and protecting your nails to keep your manicure fresh and longer lasting. It also provide extra strength for the nails.

There are multiple ways to use the Rossi Clear powder:

  • Adding the clear dip powder in your prep before applying your chosen dip color. This gives extra protection to your nails when it's time to remove the dip powder manicure, adding an extra layer of clear dip powder will prevent accidental filing of your natural nails.
  • Encapsulating the chunky glitters, adding the clear dip powder on top of the glitters will add extra protection from filing.
  • For a classy and basic manicure, you can add the clear dip powder and it will give extra protection to the nails.
  • Dried flower encapsulation, clear dip is also great to use when you are planning for an extravagant manicure. Watch this video to learn how to encapsulate flower using clear dip powder:

    You can also watch our Youtube video for more detailed steps on using a Clear dip powder:


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