How to get beautiful and healthy nails

You are keen on generating Instagram envy with your nail art but you want to keep your nails healthy. Fortunately, this is not an impossible choice. You can get nail enhancements and let your creative side shine on the art you apply on your fingernails and still have healthy nails. You just need to be careful, use quality products, maintain your manicure properly, and remember to allow your nail bed to breathe periodically. Be alert and notice the first signs of damaged nails and adjust your nail beauty routine accordingly. Here are some tips about how to keep your nails healthy and beautiful.

How to get beautiful and healthy nails

What are the symptoms of unhealthy nails?

It’s easy to spot the signs of damaged and sick nails:

  • Breakage and splitting;
  • Discoloration and dark spots; Remember that pink nails are healthy nails.
  • Peeling;
  • Swelling and bleeding;
  • Pain;

If you notice any of these symptoms, it means that you need to be more alert about your fingernail care. This might include changing your manicure routine and changing your beauty regimen for a healthier alternative.

How to get healthy fingernails?

The secret of healthy nails is to find a balance between proper maintenance and your desire to experiment with nail art. You are dying to try out the latest nail fads but you are worried that your nails look tired or unhealthy? The solution is simple: Make sure to have a proper nail care regimen and do your research about the products you choose to put on your nails.

Maintain good nail hygiene

Basic nail care requires good hygiene. Nails need to be clipped and trimmed periodically. To avoid breakage and splitting you should also file and buff them gently each time you clip them. It’s also recommended, as part of basic nail care, to apply nail hardener to strengthen the nails. Hydration is essential to healthy nails and hands. Remember to moisturize your hands, which will also benefit your nails. You can also keep your fingernails hydrated by applying cuticle oil on them every now and then.

Things that damage your fingernails

There are some unhealthy habits that you should avoid if you want to have healthy nails. Many of us succumb to the temptation of biting our nails. Try to restrain yourself, stop biting your fingernails, and don’t pick at your cuticles even when they begin to lift. Avoid nail products that contain harsh and toxic chemicals. Try not to remove your cuticles; they are a buffer that protects your nails. When you remove your manicured nails, use an acetone-free substance. When you go to the nail salon, make sure that hygiene standards are met. Nail tools need to be sterilized and your nail technician should be licensed. When you get a pedicure, check in advance if foot baths are sterilized after every client. You can improve your chances of having healthy nails through diet as well. A healthy diet benefits the entire body, including the nails. Staying hydrated also helps to achieve healthy nails. There are also some calcium and protein vitamins that can help with damaged nails. However, you should speak to your doctor or dermatologist before taking any pills.

Are nail enhancements healthy?

The simple answer is: they can be. It depends on the quality of the chemicals that enter their composition. We all want to show on Instagram our model nails. But is getting all these fancy patterns putting the health of our fingernails at risk? Not really. Again, we have to do our research and get informed about what goes in the polishes and the other enhancements that we apply to our nails. There are means to ensure that the health and beauty of our fingernails are preserved. And now the big question: are acrylic nails healthy? As explained above, all nail enhancements can be healthy. If you want healthy acrylic nails, follow the advice given above for your nail care regimen and select quality products. You can still get French nails, almond nails, or stiletto nails, and stay safe and healthy. Beauty doesn’t preclude health. Just remember to let your bed nails breathe from time to time and take good care of your natural nails.

Having healthy nails should be the first aim of your nail care routine. Start with healthy nails and you will be able to create any type of nail art on them. Health and beauty go together and there are thousands of pictures on Instagram that show perfectly manicured hands to prove it.

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