How to Apply Chunky Glitters Dip Powder



Chunky Glitters are not just trendy, but really dazzling and we’re here for it!

We know chunky glitters are intimidating and a bit hard to apply compare to normal dip glitters, so sometimes it's discouraging to do this by yourself. Believe us, we know the feeling and we got your back!

We came up with easy hacks to apply chunky glitters like a PRO! It's like you're never going back to regular glitters after trying these.

Things you need:

Our PRO tips:

  1. Use a cling wrap to pat the chunky glitter down your nails. Only brush away when the base coat is completely dried.
  2. Rotate your hand instead of dipping in a 45-degree angle to get more of that gorgeous chunky glitters.
  3. Apply the base coat and use a toothpick to get chunky glitters. This is easier especially if you want to use the glitters as a topper for your nail art.

You can also watch our detailed Youtube tutorial here:



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