Dip Powder Nails - The Gel Method


Maybe you’re wondering why would someone use gel liquids? There are several reasons that would make someone want to use gel liquids instead of dip liquids. The reasons may be that some people have the dip flu sensitivities to the dip liquids or just want some extra time to perfect their manicure and we all know that with dip powder liquids, you have to be quick or else the glue will dry. With gel liquids, time is on your side.

So, if you are having troubles with Glam Powder liquids give this method a try. Nails done this method have more of the gel feel and are not as hard as with dipping liquids. Here's all the steps you need to follow if you want to use the Gel Method:


Before anything else, start your manicure by prepping the nails. Make sure to push back the cuticle and lightly buff your nails to give them a matte look. Wipe your nails clean with alcohol. Let nails dry completely, at least 2-5 minutes before starting dip process.


Start by applying a thin layer of base coat to all the nails. Cure for 60s in Rossi LED Nail Lamp.


Apply the next thin layer of Rossi Base coat to the full nail. Place your nail over a jar, scoop some powder and pour it over the entire nail. Tap the finger to remove excess powder. Repeat the same process on the other nails.


When you are done with the first coat, place your hand in the Rossi LED Nail Lamp for 60s. After curing you can brush off any excess powder using a brush.


Continue with another layer by sprinkling the powder over the wet base.  The reason to pour the powder in contrary to dipping is that the gel base has different viscosity to the dip base and can move and squish around from the dipping and we want to avoid that. 


Cure for 60s in the Rossi LED Nail Lamp. After curing brush away any leftover uncured powder. Lightly buff any imperfections and smooth the surface. There is not much buffing needed. Wipe your nail with alcohol to remove filing dust.


Last step is to apply a nice, even layer of Gel Polish Top Coat. There are no worries about brushes hardening so you have plenty of time to work at your own speed. Cure for 60 second in Rossi LED Nail Lamp.


Finally, apply a liberal amount of Rossi Nourish Cuticle Oil into the skin surrounding the nail plate and you’re done! 

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