Chic Nail Designs For St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is a global and cultural celebration for Irish people, it’s the death anniversary of Ireland’s patron saint, St Patrick and it’s being celebrated annually on March 17.

Everybody knows that St Patrick Day calls for green and shamrock outfits, and that includes nail designs too. While there are many ways to rock this holiday, the green color is kind of overpowering especially if you still want to keep your nail art even after the festivities.

So we’ve done our homework and made a list of different nail designs to copy and get inspired to look chic and stylish on St Patrick’s Day.

1. Swirly Nails

Grab crowd's attention by wearing this sophisticated and subtle nail look. 



2. Neon & Chunky Glitter

Neon greens might be a little intimidating but adding chunky glitters will surely balance the look.

Shades: Electric Daisy & Wanderlust

3. French Tip

Almond nails and french tip taken to the next level is the perfect match for St Patrick's Day. 

Shades: Central Park Sweetheart

4. Pink & Glitters

Who says St Patrick is all about green and glitters? Of course, adding pink is always a good idea. 

Shade: Date Night

5. Green Glitter Accent

Adding a little green glitter to boost the look and get that more festive vibe.

Shades: Central Park & Disco


For a bonus look, check out our Youtube tutorial for another St Patrick nail design using dip powder.

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