Best Christmas manicure for your zodiac sign

   No matter what your star sign is, your Christmas mani should definitely be on point! Here are some suggestions for a manicure that will complement your personality and will bring out the best in you based on your zodiac sign. Have fun!
    Aries - This powerful lady will never be afraid to show her strength. She loves trying new things, and will dare to go for the bold colors like purple , gold,  unique shade combos and patterns. Although she may not find having long nails very practical, she might like to try something different this Christmas.
Shades used: Baked, Home, Smokey 
📷: @flightlevelnails
  Taurus - Success comes easier to the taurus ladies because they never take "NO" for an answer and we love that about them! Their energy is fresh, strong , inspiring. ROSSI recommends all the shades of red and green to bring out the passion and vital energy this Christmas! 
Shade used: Merlot 
📷: dippin.with.di
   Gemini - This playful lady has a bubbling enthusiasm that is simply adorable! She can often make you laugh until your stomach hurts, her sense of humor is truly unique. This Christmas is all about peace and harmony at home so we recommend a hot chocolate that will match the Chocolate Fudge on your nails.
📷: @madeinmeadowbrook
  Cancer - This delicate lady will always display her intense femininity in a subtle way. This Christmas you should step into the spotlight with statement shades of redblue and silver. If you will go for a subtle, natural look, you can enhance it by shaping your nails in a way that will reflect your native sensuality. 
Shade used: Prosecco Time
📷: @bam_glam_nails
    Leo - This lady is pure FIRE! She will always look amazing, have the best accessories, the sexiest perfume and incredible outfits. There is an aura of sexuality all around her and she wears it with pride just like the lion wears its mane. This Christmas is the perfect opportunity to shine brighter than your ruling planet and to charge everyone around you with your beautiful positive energy.
Shades used: Honey, Bubbly
📷: @les.dipnails
   Virgo - It has to be perfect! This is the virgo ladies' life motto. Their creativity and patience are always reflected in their attention to details. They have all the necessary skills to create beautiful, complex manicures. This Christmas we recommend them to go for the traditional festive tones with a touch of glitter and sparkly shades, we are sure it will turn out PERFECT. 
Shade used: Fabulous Black
📷: @les.dipnails
    Libra - The beautiful libra ladies represent the standard when it comes to elegance and refined taste. Their femininity is reflected in their outfits, posture and in the way they talk. It is obvious that their nails will always look impeccable! This Christmas, we recommend them to have fun doing their manis, to try new and exciting combos! Favorite shades: blue, pink.
Shades used: Mission Accomplished, Rusty
📷: @mollysdips
  Scorpio - These ladies are the type of friends that will carry your secret to the grave. Trustworthy, loyal and feisty, the scorpio ladies will be your best friends for life. They always think two steps ahead , they have a strategy for living their life beautifully, not leaving anything to chance. This Christmas we hope they will use the mani as an opportunity to get creative and festive. Fav shades: maroon, purple, nude
Shade used : Favorite red
    📷: @madeinmeadowbrook
    Sagittarius - You will find this charismatic lady is the center of every party together with the other Fire signs, lady Aries and lady Leo. They will always speak their mind and protect the innocent. They hate nothing more than seeing injustice in the world. In terms of manicure they can oscillate from nice to naughty depending on the event they will be attending. Fav shades: pink, black, white
📷: @les.dipnails
   Capricorn - This hard working lady will always look at things from a practical and organized perspective. Even though she may seem conservative in many ways, you can notice, if you look closely, certain details that make her style truly unique. She will dare to use statement shades of purple, pink, green and blue but not necessarily many shades combined. Simple is better for these ladies. 
Shade used: Passion
📷: @dipbyclaire
  Aquarius - This wonderful lady will always cherish her independence and staying true to herself. She is unpredictable and exciting, very fun to be around. She is not afraid of anything so she will live her life trying new things every day. Fav shades- any shade, depending on her mood . We recommend she tries something new this Christmas, maybe the amazing mani below. 
📷: @thejasminemaria
   Pisces - This amazing Pisces lady truly has a presence that seems out of this world. She has amazing emotional intelligence and that's why most of times you will truly feel heard and seen when talking to them. They are very complex and dreamy , making them the most fascinating ladies of the zodiac. Pisces are truly loyal to their sign, water, they love everything fluid, blue , mermaid like . This Christmas we recommend they use their fav water like shades.
Shades used: Frozen, Jingle Bells, Disco
📷: @zullocarole

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