8 Nail Polish Ideas that You Need to Try this Fall

Fall is upon us and with it the pumpkin lattes, the back-to-school shopping, and the joy of witnessing nature giving its more impressive color show. Nature’s changing colors are a great source of inspiration for makeovers. This fall you’ll probably buy a new coat or boots or just a smaller item of clothing, like a scarf, to make you feel trendy in the new season. Accessorize the new items in your wardrobe with some autumnal nail art.

Burgundy, maroon, mustard, and green are the fall’s defining nail polish colors. We chose a selection of 8 nail polishes that put a twist on the classics. They include the trendiest nail polishes of past years, the gel polish and the dip powder. Although the dip powder vs gel polish debate has been running for a while now, we love them both and heartily recommend them. Choose one of these long-lasting nail polishes to spice up your autumnal look with metallic shades and dark shimmers. They will make you feel trendy while bringing you the familiar comfort of bygone autumns.

Autumnal Mustard

Let yourself be seduced by this new take on the classical autumnal mustard. This dip powder captures the color of pumpkins and turning leaves. You can adjust the intensity of the mustard tone by the number of times you dip your nails in the pigmented powder jar. More dips equal a more intense shade. Dip powder nail polish will keep for almost a month, just in time for fall foliage season.

Rusty Burgundy

What says autumn glamour more than the elegance of a deep burgundy manicure? This nail polish captures the deep rusty tones of aging wine and the calm shades of autumn sunsets. Burgundy is the most popular nail polish color for the fall season. This dip powder updates the classical look to the demands of the latest nail art technology.

Dip Purple

Throughout history, purple was the color of royalty. Share in this imperial visual legacy with this royal dip powder that will teach you What dreams are made of. Explore the deeply hidden glimmers of indigo that you can glimpse on this freshly applied nail polish. Feel royal this autumn with this richly toned dip powder that will make you stand out as the royal that you really are.

Add Glitter to Your Life

Songs were written about cold November rains and poems about frosty October winds, but for me, fall is the season of color, of foliage change, pumpkin latte, and cardigans. However, if autumnal gloom ever descends upon you, chase it away with the explosion of glitter from this dazzling red nail polish. This dip powder combines the seductive tones of crimson with the power statement of glitter. Wear this nail polish whenever you want to be assertive.

Perfect Nude

As in all seasons, this autumn you might feel the need for a demure look as well. This nude nail polish is the perfect option for those days when you don’t necessarily want to stand out. This is a gel nail polish that will need to cure under UV light, which will result in a glossier look that will last longer than regular nail polish, up to 3 weeks.


But gel nail polish is also a medium that allows you to be bold. Add pizzazz to your look with this deep yet shimmering green. This is a stylish uptake on the traditional mossy green that is one of the traditional fall nail colors. It hints at tradition but it sparks with the boldness of glitter.

The simple glamour of black

Like the simple sophistication of the little black dress, the black manicure never runs out of fashion. Burrow something from the simple glamour of black with this nail polish that encapsulates the shimmer of the deepest black. The UV light cure also gives this gel nail polish a metallic look that sets it apart from lighter tones of black.

The best of autumn

If you really want your nails to reflect the changing colors of nature go for this gel polish that captures the metallic rusty maroon of turning leaves. Ready to Vacay really gives you that festive look that will make you stand out at the Thanksgiving table.

Play and experiment with nail polish

Nail polish is a medium for miniature art. Along with the variety of patterns that can be created on nails, probably the most subtle form of nail art results from the chemistry of color mixes. Dip powders and gel polishes are perfect examples of this alchemy of colors. Plus, they are the ideal option if you want to get a long-lasting many, that you can keep for up to a month. Experiment with the power of color by mixing different nail polish colors in successive layers. Let yourself explore the chromatic chemistry of pigmented powders and nail varnishes.

Both dip powder and gel polish are long-lasting options. This means that, if taken care of, they will keep in pristine condition for weeks. However, being that resistant means that that the layers of polish will be more difficult to remove. No matter if you are doing it at the salon or as part of your at-home mani routine, the best solution to dissolve these types of nail polish is to soak your nails in acetone. There is no need for a special nail polish remover apart from acetone. Don’t forget to moisturize your nails afterward!

Enjoy the amazing chromatic palette of autumn with one of these nail polishes. Add a touch of sophistication to your outfit with one of these fall nail colors inspired by the bounty of nature.

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