12 Trendy Nail Colors to Try Out in 2022

2022 is almost upon us and with it is the excitement that comes with a New Year. We have seen some pretty spectacular nail designs in 2021 (remember Saweetie’s jewelry-packed coffin manicure at the Met Gala back in September?), a trove of nail art inspiration that can only be surpassed by what 2022 promises to bring. We had a look at what influencers and fashion shows have predicted for 2022 and came up with a list of 12 trendy nail polish colors that are likely to stay in the spotlight in the coming year, one for each month of the year. But first let’s have a look at the nail styles, shapes, and designs, which these nail colors will make stand out in 2022.

The nail styles of 2022

Which are the nail shapes and designs most likely to make a splash in 2022? Well, it seems that there are some distinctive styles that will leave their mark in the following months. First, 2022 might be the year of ready-to-go nail art. Nail stickers, press-on nails, and nail decals will only increase in popularity. They are not only convenient but there are more and more spectacular designs coming out every day. Definitely worth trying!

Playing with lines and colors promises to be the other great nail trend for next year. So get ready to see a lot of nail art with graphic lines, swirls, and marble designs. There is some epic nail art out there ready to be tried out, so let’s have a look at the nail colors that are likely to make a splash in 2022.

Nail colors for each month of 2022


Trendy Nail Colors

First of all, let’s talk New Year’s Eve, because what you are wearing then it’s probably to remain on your nails for at least the first week of January. You will need a sharp look to welcome the New Year, something to make a statement about the confidence with which you approach new beginnings. Think metallic grey on coffin-shaped or stiletto nails, but this is one of the nail colors set to look good on any nail shape.


12 Trendy Nail Colors

Dispel any lingering January Blues with some deep blues. Dark blues are hailed as the nail colors of 2022, so join the trend and get yourself a deep blue mani. If you want to spice it up, add some glittery graphic lines to the tips or use it in a design of blue and white abstract swirls.


The nail styles of 2022

Coffee brown is the color for March, something to match the not-yet-spring days. I usually need lots of coffee to get through the low vibe of March and coffee brown on my nails suits my mood perfectly. If you need to brighten the look, go for a brown-white marble design.


Nail colors for each month of 2022

April really can be the cruelest month, with sunny days instantly changing into outpours of rain. However, this is also the month when spring truly comes into its own and nature turns green. To celebrate this rebirth we propose you revisit one of 2021’s most popular nail colors- green. Go for a green shade nail dip with chunks of glitter to celebrate nature coming back to life.


Nail colors for each month of 2022 - March

Think of blossoms and the sweet air of rain falling on delicate petals. Capture the atmosphere of nature in full bloom with a delicate shade of pink. If you want to make it more fun, choose an evergreen design, such as a French mani.


Nail colors for each month of 2022 - June

This is the season to enjoy nature’s fruits and colors. Think of freshly picked cherries and the color of raspberries. For this month, your nail color of choice needs to be berry red, which is set to be at the top of trendy gel nail colors of summer 2022.


Nail colors for each month of 2022 - July

This is the month to keep cool and be patriotic. You can achieve both with some metallic white. Metallic shades are the hottest among the new trendy nail polish colors of 2022. To show your patriotism, use some 4th of July Uncle Sam nail stickers.


Nail colors for each month of 2022 - August

This is the time to go on holiday, ideally to the beach. No beach look can be complete without some proper nail art. Aquamarine is the color for August. It looks good on tanned skin and will complement perfectly your beach accessories.


Nail colors for each month of 2022 - September

It’s time to go back to school! You will probably be very busy this month. One of the trendiest nail designs of 2021, the mismatched manis, will continue to be popular in 2022. Try that to reflect the hectic September mod.


Nail colors for each month of 2022 - Octomber

Match your pumpkin latte and your fluffy sweater to your nails and choose a spicy orange shade. Add a whimsical note to the outlook with some swirls to reflect the design of that pumpkin latte that you will keep enjoying this month.


Nail colors for each month of 2022 - November

You need a nail color that will match the post-Haloween mood but also will be sleek enough for the Thanksgiving dinner. Think amber with chunks of glitter or Thanksgiving-themed nail stickers!


Nail colors for each month of 2022 - December

Finish this marathon of 2022 trendy nail colors with metallic gold. Use it to paint your entire nail or to create spectacular nail designs. Think graphic lines, swirls, or splashes of metallic gold on matte black or bright white. Or choose nail decals in metallic gold.

From January to December, keep your eyes peeled for the „New Trend Alert”. Consider this innovative approach and one of the nail colors we propose for 2022. Nail colors add that bit of sophistication to our look and show our mood and personality to the world. Use them to assert yourself in 2022!

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